Your wedding sucks, what else can I do?

…hopefully it won’t. But if you find yourself at a loose end, or are making a weekend of it, there’s lots of stuff to do.

Now, as much as the Daily Mail would like for you to believe that Sarf London is a desolate wasteland, with vagabonds at every turn to rob you, we think it’s rather nice.

In the more immediate area, there is a city farm, a lovely salvage yard with a great café (stay with us) and the Imperial War Museum

A leisurely 10 minute riverside walk east from Vauxhall, will take you to the Southbank area . Alternatively you can take the train to Waterloo.

There you will find the Hayward Gallery and Royal Festival Hall.

Further along the river, is the Tate Modern and Design Museum.

If culture isn’t your thing, cross Waterloo Bridge by the Royal Festival Hall which will take you into Charing Cross and the west end for shopping fun.

Here is a map of the area.

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